Technological innovation leads high-quality development

Innovation is the first driving force leading the development of the company. The company has built a modern R&D center, actively introduced mature technical talents, and established more than 200 professional teams such as new product research and development, pilot research, process verification, production and listing, product maintenance, patent protection, etc. Among them, there are 2 foreign experts and more than 30 mature talents in the industry, with an average working life of more than 5 years. Major breakthroughs have been made in research and development results and technology, and more than 90 production approvals have been obtained, which is far higher than the industry level.

Established a number of national and provincial innovation platforms such as "National Enterprise Technology Center", "Jiangsu Province Key Enterprise R&D Institutions", "Jiangsu Province Cytotoxic and Anti-tumor Bulk Drug Engineering Technology Research Center", etc.; a leading technology platform for the bulk drug industry The crystal form research platform has been established one after another, in cooperation with Tianjin University, the strongest domestic crystal form field. The particle size research platform and process safety evaluation platform are both the first and only in Taizhou, and the "process safety and crystal form laboratory" is the first in Taizhou. A high-end technology platform has successfully passed the CNAS certification. All have professional engineer positions, explore the core areas of technology, continuously improve the speed of research and development, and transform technical barriers into independent intellectual property rights to realize the rapid transformation of new products into productivity.

The company adopts the latest standards and concepts of product participation in international competition, completes the industrial chain from small-scale test-pilot test-process verification-declaration and filing. It has a pipeline of general medicines and anti-tumor products. There are 16 standard workshops. Five of them are international workshops, which have built a multi-functional and intensive production system to fully match the needs of the group and domestic and foreign markets for bulk drugs. The ability to roll out 100 pilot projects and 60 process verifications every year.


Crystal form research platform: Stable and controllable crystallization process is the core technology of the enterprise, and the research on the crystal form of API can improve the physical and chemical properties of candidate compounds. The introduction of German Brook D2 Phaser X-ray powder diffractometer, British SMS company Intrinsic-1 DVS, German Carl Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 polarizing microscope and other advanced equipment.


Process safety evaluation platform: Process reaction safety evaluation can identify the essential chemical reaction safety risks in the API process, put forward risk control measures in advance, ensure process safety throughout the product life cycle, and improve the level of safe production management. It has advanced equipment such as the Swiss Mettler reaction calorimeter (RC1mx), the British THT adiabatic accelerating calorimeter (ES-ARC), and the American TA's differential scanning calorimeter (DSC25).


Based on independent innovation, the company takes the road of industry-university-research development, strengthens foreign academic cooperation, establishes school-enterprise partnerships with China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Tianjin University and other universities, and undertakes major national special projects and key research and development plans of Jiangsu Province. Projects, widely connecting academic achievements recommended by various universities and scientific research institutes, enabling new technologies and new products to get out of the laboratory as soon as possible, and realizing the industrialization of scientific research results.