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Raw materials are the source of drug quality control. Good raw materials are good medicines. The company adheres to the quality culture of "pharmaceuticals for parents and pharmacy for relatives", adheres to the path of quality-benefit development, designs product quality from the source, and adopts ChP, USP , EP, and JP are quality standards, the implementation of drug life cycle management, strict control of drug research and development, procurement, production, release, storage, and after-sales six barriers, ingenuity in pharmaceuticals, the pursuit of excellence, and build an industry-leading quality management system for APIs. In line with the international standards, it is the first to pass the national measurement system certification and the German TUV "three standards in one" certification. The laboratory was accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) as early as 2014, and has the ability to carry out external testing technology. The laboratory has participated in 17 domestic and foreign proficiency testing projects for four years, and the results are all satisfactory.

The company has established internal control standards that are higher than the statutory standards, and led the formulation of 8 national standards for products, leading the development of the industry. The company pays special attention to all-employee, full-process, and all-round QC activities. A total of 52 quality research results have won the first prize of the national pharmaceutical industry QC and 4 international QC gold awards. The domestic and foreign QC results are the first in the bulk drug industry in the country. .

The company has accumulated 24 product standards that have reached the international leading level, 30 products have been recognized as provincial high-tech products, and 25 national invention patents have been authorized. Many products have been successfully registered and sold in 9 countries, and have filled the gap in the domestic market. For example, the company is currently the only domestic company that has mastered the preparation process of tamoxifen citrate crystal form A, making the group the first to pass the consistency evaluation of this product in China and market the product to the international market.


The company adheres to the concept of "green, development, harmony, and win-win", insists that environmental protection is the concept of design and management, and adopts the whole process management of the combination of "source prevention, process control, and end treatment" to build an ecological garden-style factory. . Arrange ahead of schedule, accumulatively invest nearly 100 million yuan in the special improvement of safety and environmental protection hardware and software, introduce advanced sewage treatment technology, exhaust gas automatic interlocking control system, and promote "intrinsic safety diagnosis, process safety and reliability demonstration, danger and operability Analysis” and other characteristic work, systematically improve the safety guarantee coefficient. Establish a sound risk prevention mechanism and promote frontier management of risks. It has successively won the honorary titles of "Safety Standardization Level 2 (Provincial) Standard Enterprise, Safety Culture Creation Model Enterprise, Jiangsu Green Grade Enterprise, Taizhou Occupational Health Management Model Enterprise" and other honorary titles, becoming a local "Safety and Environmental Protection Demonstration Enterprise".