Yangtze River Pharmaceutical launches the 45th "Quality Brand•Safety and Environmental Protection Month" event

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On February 26, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group held the 45th "Quality Brand · Safety and Environmental Protection Month" event mobilization meeting at its headquarters. The theme of this event was "High Standards Leading, High Quality Development". Tan Guangzhao, Deputy General Manager of the Group presided over the meeting, and Chairman Xu Jingren attended and gave important instructions.

At the mobilization meeting, Chairman Xu Jingren pointed out that corporate development must be based on legal compliance and quality assurance, broaden international vision, strengthen system construction, and do a good job of quality branding, safety and environmental protection. We must use FDA, EU and other international regulations and standards to strictly demand ourselves, implement the "four most stringent", lay a solid foundation for development with high standards, strengthen lean management, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve market competitiveness.

Xu Jingren emphasized that all management should attach great importance to emancipate the mind, enlarge the structure, establish a "big quality concept", insist on quality first, benefit first, be vigilant in times of peace, and maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses. Facing challenges, we should maintain a humble and cautious attitude, work hand in hand with scientific methods, use practical actions to improve product quality, continue to improve, and achieve stability and long-term development, so as to make a good start for the group's "14th Five-Year Plan".

At the meeting, Xu Kaixiang, deputy director of the Quality and Brand Department, proposed to continue to pay close attention to the two tasks of internal audit and management review, strengthen quality standards, and form an improvement plan; gradually improve the group's pharmacovigilance management system implementation plan, and do a good job in the group Internal deployment. Sha Qi, Executive Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection, made an in-depth analysis of the safety and environmental protection policies and regulations and the situation, and proposed to effectively implement the safety and environmental responsibility system for all employees, firmly implement a dual prevention mechanism for safety management, and continue to do a good job in the operation and management of pollution permits .

Shi Meng, the person in charge of the external sector, Li Sen, the person in charge of the internal sector, and Song Min, the person in charge of the traditional Chinese medicine sector, made speeches successively. During the event, subsidiaries outside Hong Kong will organize technical research competitions aimed at hidden product quality problems, strengthen training on safety and environmental expertise, and improve safety and environmental management capabilities. Companies in the port will conscientiously sort out and optimize the implementation process of new products, carry out investigations for the purpose of industrialization, sort out the process of international projects, create a management platform for the same dosage form, and organize various departments to solve repetitive problems. The Chinese medicine sector will focus on product research, standard management, key personnel, and cultural construction, continue to improve the level of dual prevention management, formulate a special upgrade plan for waste gas treatment facilities, and make every effort to promote the transfer of Chinese patent medicine MAH.

"Quality Security Month" is a recurring and continuous improvement activity with the characteristics of the group. It is an important starting point to promote the four-in-one management of quality, brand, safety and environmental protection. This "Quality Security Month" will continue to implement the spirit of the instructions of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, Party committees at all levels, and the government, pay close attention to quality, brand, safety, and environmental protection; continue to improve quality, brand, safety, and environmental protection for all employees Awareness and create a good corporate culture atmosphere; carry out special training and research activities to solve problems in a targeted manner and promote the completion of various tasks of the group. Lead the high-quality development of the company with high standards and strict requirements, and present the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the factory with outstanding achievements.