Yangtze River Pharmaceutical was recognized as an industrial tourism zone in Jiangsu Province

Time:2021-02-07    Click:0

Recently, the website of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice on the Recognition Results of Provincial-level Industrial Tourism Zones in 2020". Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Industrial Tourism Zone was officially recognized as an industrial tourism zone in Jiangsu Province, becoming the only recognized enterprise in Taizhou. This is also the first batch of provincial-level industrial tourism areas recognized after the implementation of the Standards and Evaluation of Industrial Tourism Zones (DB32/T 2039—2019) in Jiangsu Province.

It is understood that in order to enrich the supply of industrial tourism content for enterprises, further enhance the quality of the tourist area, and create a distinctive industrial tourism brand, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical has increased its efforts in cultural heritage construction, and has successively built the "Longfengtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Exhibition Hall" and the "Huaxia Xinglin Shengzhe Memorial Hall" "A group of tourist attractions with great cultural heritage, so that visitors who come to visit have an all-round understanding of the long history and profoundness of Chinese medicine culture.

While focusing on cultural construction, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical also adheres to the concept of "low-carbon economy and green pharmaceuticals", upholds the high-quality development direction with "green" as the background, and makes great efforts in the construction of the factory environment. There are more than 120 species of plants in the industrial tourism zone, with more than 10,000 trees of various sizes, a water area of over 140,000 square meters, and a green coverage rate of more than 45%. In addition, there are 9 landscape squares such as Dongfanghong Square, Boao Square and Longfengtang Square, and 11 landscape gardens such as Sakura Garden, Loquat Garden and Nanmu Forest. The beautiful corporate image of the "garden-like" factory has become a green business card of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical.